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Christina is a free-spirited California native with a passion for yoga and living a healthy and active lifestyle.  A graduate of UC Berkeley in Human Biodynamics and team captain of Berkeley’s NCAA Division I gymnastics team, Christina has been an advocate of health and wellness for as long as she can remember.  Post gymnastics, she continued to stay active and has participated in several marathons and ultra marathons from the Great Wall of China to the ethereal trails of Annapurna, Nepal.

She has been learning and teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years.  In recent years, she’s been particularly immersed in the power of the mind/body connection and its importance to overall health and well-being.

The consummate student, she continues to dig deeper into the vast topic of the mind-body connection. This has led her to additional studies in Myofascial Release, Mindfulness, Anatomy and Nutrition. All these areas are directly related to overall health and happiness. Of particular interest to her is the study of fascia, which is bridging the gap between the mind and body. We are just beginning to learn about the direct connection between the health of our fascia and our overall wellbeing.


Influenced by her adept teachers and inspiring friends, Christina brings her dedication and passion to her classes while fostering a feeling of openness and independence. Through asana, pranayama, mindfulness meditation and intention, Christina strives to develop a strong sense of balance, calm and personal awareness in her students.

With over 1000 hours of advanced training in various styles of yoga including Universal, Ashtanga, Anusara, Yin and Hot, Christina isn’t tied to one style of yoga, but rather incorporates various aspects from a variety of styles in a unique, creative, and fun way. Her classes are challenging, yet a place where each individual can find his or her own path of physical and spiritual growth.


Looking at health in a holistic way, Christina incorporates aspects from a variety of different modalities, Yoga Medicine®, Mindfulness and Meditation, Myofascial Release and Integrative Nutrition® in a customized way to help mentor her clients to achieve a healthier lifestyle. She has recently developed a modality, MyoYoga, incorporating myofascial release and yoga in an intelligent way to maximize the benefits of both. This method combines the best from her various studies for a powerful practice that is beneficial to overall physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

As a yoga teacher, health coach and mentor her goal is to help guide and support the development of and progress towards the overall personal wellness goals of her clients.

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